Turn your photo collection into an AJAX-powered web gallery in a few clicks!

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Vista Photo Gallery is a photo album builder, that allows you to create and publish rich, interactive web photo galleries for your website.
Vista Photo Albums
Vista Photo Gallery is the first software that creates AJAX-powered online image galleries without the need for server-side setup. It means you just upload files generated by the software to your server and it will run immediately, even if it's a free webhost without a php, asp, mysql support.

Galleries made with Vista Photo Gallery are high-end web applications that look and behave exactly like desktop apps. You and your web site visitors won't feel the difference! All operations, such as selecting a photo, filtering by tag and date, changing the preview mode, scrolling, performs immediately. No more need to wait for page reloading after every click!

for Windows (V1.10, 1.8MB)  
Vista Web Buttons   Easy to Use

Just drag and drop your photos or folders with photos and press "Publish" to get your web photo gallery ready!

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Vista Buttons   All Formats

Vista Photo Gallery supports numerous of image formats:
Don't worry about compatibility of your images.

Vista Buttons   Date/Time Grouping

Every picture added to Vista Photo Gallery will be automatically ordered by date and time.

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Vista Buttons   Tags

Organize your images using tags.

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Vista Buttons   Basic photo editing

Add captions, rotate images, change the size and quality of your photos with Vista Photo Gallery.

Vista Buttons   EXIF Support

Get detailed info about your photos: digital camera model, exposure time, focal ratio, focal length and much more..

Vista Buttons   Built-in FTP client

One of the many useful features of Vista Photo Gallery is it's built in ftp client. This means that you can upload your gallery to your web server in the same environment in which you are developing it.

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Vista Buttons   Web gallery has desktop application interface

* Vista Photo Gallery main area has three display modes: small icon, large icon and details.

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Small Icon - an arrangement of icons in a main area which uses smaller icons and alphabetizes across the window.
Large Icon - an arrangement of icons in a main area that uses a larger icon. Arranged alphabetically across the window.
Details view - shows the picture properties across the main area, like Caption, Date modified, Size.

Vista Buttons

* On the fly filtration of your pictures by tags, date and folders.

* The tooltip with oversize picture and detailed information appears when you hover over the pictures.

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* Full size picture preview. Your picture will scale proportionally when you resize your browser window, and the picture will always stay at the center.

  Cross Browser Support

Web photo albums created with Vista Photo Gallery are fully compatible with all modern Windows and MAC browsers - IE, FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Netscape..

Vista Buttons   All Servers

Vista Photo Gallery doesn't require any server side scripting, so feels good on any webhost.

Enjoy your photos online with Vista Photo Gallery!