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Introduction to current web design and web development trends

Web design is a dynamic industry with many trends coming and going with the technology advancement leading to incredible websites.

Some of the Internet development trends are:

  • Rich Animations: Frequent use of animations to make a site experience more interactive and entertaining.
  • Micro-interactions: they tend to communicate a status, see results of an action, and manipulate results of an action.
  • Material Design

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How people develop websites? Which tools are used?

You can build websites from scratch using any programming language or use a platform search as a web page creator software. When it comes to construction of websites one is spoilt of choices. You can contract a web designer programmer to code from scratch and find a company that will hosts your pages. Use of software tools and online service to create pages are also an option to consider.

Popular websites builders on market

Some of the popular website builders of 2015 are:

1. SiteBuilder – Create & Manage Your Own Website

2. Wix – Get a Quick & Easy Website

3. Weebly – Site Builder for e-commerce Stores

4. Squarespace – Website Builders for Creative Businesses

5. WordPress – The Best Website Builder

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Mobirise description

Mobirise Web Page Creator HTML is an offline application used to create small or medium sites on computers that run on Mac and Window operating systems. This platform is perfect for web developers who are not familiar with the complexity nature of web development and for visual designers who choose to avoid the backend details of coding. Mobirise is also useful for making prototypes.

Reasons to use Mobirise as website builder:

  • Use friendly regarding use.
  • Mobile-friendliness with the latest website blocks and techniques.
  • The software is free for commercial and non-profit use.

Mobirise enables one to develop fully responsive, mobile-ready websites that look spectacular on any devices and browsers. You get a taste of how you website will look on your gadgets directly. With Mobirise Offline Web Page Creator, development time is reduced. It is constructed on Bootstrap 3, a responsive CSS, HTML and JavaScript frameworks available.

Mobirise enables one to develop fully responsive, mobile-ready websites that look spectacular on any devices and browsers.

How to build a simple site with Mobirise

The application’s user interface lets you choose various types of interfaces. These interfaces are placed them on pages and then customize them. They include full menus, multi-column content, information, social links, pricing tables, and many more. You can have additional blocks to your page to create multiple pages.

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You can also personalize you pages by changing the colors, font type, add and change buttons, and, choose to put you text in columns. The Controls that appear at the very top of Mobirise screen allows you to have a glimpse of the design in a smartphone, desktop or tablet resolutions.

Once done you can preview your work on the desktop browser then, you can host it to your local drive.