What's New

New!     Vista Photo Gallery v1.21 released
             (May, 8 2009)

* New languages are added (German, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Greek, Estonian).
Vista Online Photo Albums
New!     Vista Photo Gallery v1.10 released
             (Feb, 24 2009)

* The ability to change the order of your images using "Move Up Selected Images"/"Move Down Selected Images" buttons is added;
* Fix for Custom Size setting (for example: specify '480 0' or '0 500' to set max width/height);
* While exporting pictures are sorted one after another;
* When you export pictures they are sorted according to a date, when the picture was taken. Not according to the date when the photo was copied onto the hard drive where the application was installed.
    Vista Photo Gallery v1.9 released (Dec, 30 2008)

* An option to enable/disable left panel in the online gallery.
* You are able to specify the quality of thumbnails now.
Vista Photo Gallery v1.8 released (Dec, 22 2008)

* The original file names are kept in the generated gallery.
* "Very Useful Online Image Gallery Maker Based On Ajax" Review
"..this online gallery builder is more convenient and more human in user experience... It's very similar to Picasa and so easy.."
Vista Photo Gallery v1.7 released (Dec, 18 2008)

* While uploading the gallery to FTP the name of the file, an average speed and a progress bar are displayed.
Vista Photo Gallery v1.6 released (Dec, 12 2008)

* An error appeared during publishing of the gallery to FTP was fixed.
* Speed of loading to FTP and speed of removal of pictures has been increased.
* Help for Vista Gallery is added!
* "Online photo gallery for your site for dabblers" Reviewed by Esko Lahti
..Vista Photo Gallery is an excellent software that is friendly to amateur web developers ... Vista Photo Gallery is definitely better in both easy-to-use and result..
Vista Photo Gallery v1.5 released (Dec, 9 2008)

* New rewritten AJAX engine for online gallery. Generated online galleries load two times faster now!
* Fixing of the onload bug in IE7.
Vista Photo Gallery v1.4 released (Nov, 20 2008)

* The accelerated loading of gallery!
* Possibility to save EXIF information into the generated online gallery.
* Swapping of tags and folders. New operations with tags are added (rename, deletion).
* Support of pictures in animated GIF format.
* The feature "Edit Images" is added into the context menu.
* It is possible to set Image Resolution now.
* Several fixes for bugs with incorrect filtration.
Vista Photo Gallery v1.3 released (Oct, 28 2008)

* FTP export is added. Publish galleries to your server directly!

* An error appeared during saving the project file was fixed.
* Extended abilities to work with tags.
Vista Photo Gallery v1.1 released (Oct, 23 2008)
Final version!
Vista Photo Gallery v1.0 (Oct, 9 2008) -
First Release!